The first children’s summer camp in Rites Folk School has ended (2023)

Animation and video making camp took place from June 12 to 16 at Rites Folk School. Already in the fourteenth summer, the children experienced a 5-day round-the-clock camp, during which they learned the basic skills of animation and video filmmaking. It was fun! 3 animations and 3 video films were created. The children not only worked hard on making films, but also participated in sports activities, games, photo orientation, visited the mini zoo “Zaļumnieku sēta”, partied and enjoyed an evening picnic by the fire, baking delicious buns. Thanks to the camp leader Jolanta, teachers: Kristine, Inga, Liene, Lolita and all the volunteer helpers: Ervīns, Mia, Enija, Linda, Madara, Kitija! Thanks to the cooks for the delicious meals! The week was wonderful, creative, active and fun. The premiere of the created films was shown at the closing event of the camp on June 16. Movies can be viewed and downloaded here.

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