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Rite Folkhighschool

Rite Folkehøjskole is a private independent institution, which is located in Rite municipality, Viesite region, Latvia.

The purpose of the institution is to support a system of adult education in Latvia by creating a Folk High School inspired by the Danish tradition of Grundtvig Folk High Schools.

This means that the overall goal of the school must always be enlightenment of people in order to give the students the opportunity to develop authority, openness, energy and a strong commitment to democratic governance and values.

The goals are achieved by:

– to offer boarding courses for adults who learn and live with their teachers during the courses

– a pedagogical and general atmosphere of equality, openness and tolerance, which always respects the student’s personal integrity. The effect of the teaching must never be measured on the basis of exams and grades.

a curriculum without political or religious goals.

– a teaching practice that always provides space for an open dialogue

– general subjects must be offered which make the student appreciate Latvia’s history, language and society and which at the same time develop respect for democratic principles and cultural values ​​of other peoples.

– By offering general subjects that support their personal creative, social and professional development.

The operation of the school is financed by voluntary contributions from members of the support circles in Denmark and Latvia, payment for courses and support from national, regional and local Latvian and Nordic governments. In addition, support from private funds.

The school building

The building is a former primary school, which has been converted into a folk high school with 11 rooms, where it can accommodate from 2 and up to 8 people per. room. Max occupancy is 35-40 people, in addition there are classrooms, dining room and institution kitchen.

Rite Folk High School for 20 years

You can get an impression of the activities through the first 20 by flipping through the book

“Rite Folk High School for 20 years”, “Memory book about Rite Folk High School, Latvia on the occasion of the 20th anniversary from the start of the folk high school in 1994 to 2014”

The book is edited by the two initiators and persistent passionate Lis Hazel Nielsen and Niels Bendix Knudsen.

It can be borrowed at all Danish public libraries via bibliotek.dk in both Danish and Latvian versions.

The board of Rite FolkHigh School

Chairman, Jolanta Albrehta

+371 29459696, albrehta@inbox.lv

Board member, Agita Augstkalniete
+371 26136503, agita442@inbox.lv

Board member, Benita Pavlovska
+371 26392865, pavlovska@inbox.lv

Board member, Liene Laizāne
+371 29114312, selia@inbox.lv

Board member, Winni Østergaard Nielsen
+45 27855056, wioni@live.dk

Board member, Lis Hazel Nielsen
+45 23444179, lishazel18@gmail.com

Valdes locekle, Kristine Verečinska
+371 22010247, kristine.verecinska@inbox.lv


Kristine Verečinska


Jolanta Kovnacka