Danish Visual Artist Jørgen Hedegaard

Painting course with Danish Jørgen Hedegaard (2022).

Video author Liene Laizāne.


An artist about himself.: “My name is Jørgen Hedegaard. I am a visual artist from Denmark. I work with pictures done in watercolor or acrylic. But also drawings in tush and pencil. Both landscape, urban environments and objects are of great interest to me. In addition, abstract images in various techniques are often on the table. I have exhibited in several places in Denmark, both at censored exhibitions and in art associations and galleries.

Locally, where I live, in Fredensborg north of Copenhagen, I have been involved in starting an art association for approx. 10 years ago. The association now has almost 90 members.

I am a trained graphic designer from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen.

Have had my own design studio for many years. I am also a trained coach and supervisor for adults. I am a regular teacher of drawing and painting at adult leisure schools.

I teach with empathy and respect for the individual and am aware of individual needs for knowledge.

I show a few examples here on the page of pictures I have made, both in watercolor and acrylic. Abstract and figurative.

You can see more on my website: www.artmind.nu.”

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