The summer 2020 at Rite Folk High School, Women’s course

We are very proud that all courses in 2020 at Rite Folk High School were completed in spite of Covid-19.

Women’s course, June 29th – July 3th

It was an impressive women’s course with 36 female participants including children. We had Agrita who taught dressmaking and Vija who taught hand-sewn dresses according to an old archeological model. Then there was 2 x Sandra who again this year had new ideas to products made of willow. Also Cement figures were crated from old teddy bears and toys. The women’s course was organized by Mirdza Trakina, Jolanta Albrehta and Ritma Vainovska.

womens course 2020
Showing the creations
Women's course 2020
Women's course 2020
willow braiding
Sewing lessons

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