Painting study in nature around Rite’s parish: OBSERVING, SKETCHING, RESULTS

We invite you to painting courses at Rites Folk School from this year. August 3 to 5. The course will be led by the painter Elga Grínvalde.

Working process in two steps:

  • First step:

To be in nature, observe, sketching, note, to indulge in the first impression and impulse of vision, sketch it all and sketch it (A4 drawing paper album), record on paper nature baseline and area ratios, landscape rhythms.


Field-object, tree

Barn, garden-greenhouse, water-reflection

Apple shade-chair, summer night-twilight

The atmosphere of the air and many more objects from the life of the Rites parish have been viewed and fixed in sketches and drawings.

  • Second step:

Compile, analyze and learn from many sketches to create a single landscape composition based on previously worked sketches, to work out one original painting.

Materials for painting canvas or cardboard size 40×30 or 40×50, some can be smaller for the color sketches. Acrylic or oil paints, brushes.

A4 drawing pad for sketching.

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