Women’s course at Rite Folkehøjskole from 12 July to 16 July

Summer is at its peak and the venue is unchanged. We are happy to be together again at Rite Folk High School. This year there are fewer courses than usual and we are subject to all national restrictions.

But all this cannot suppress the joy of being together.

 We held six different workshops. Benita taught how to weave bracelets and keychains with pearls, Lis and Nils taught how to make different jars and pots of white cement, Janina taught diligent knitters how to knit slippers, Vivian taught how to sew scarves, aprons, bags and stitches and the two teachers Sandra and Sandra L. worked with wicker intended for decoration in the garden – wicker flowers, stars and whirlpools in wicker willow. Sandra L. also taught us how to make beautiful brooches from metal wires. Creative workshops are a unique opportunity for everyone – children, young people, adults – to discover the creative sides of themselves. Satisfaction with the finished works was great.

We ended with an excursion to the Alpaca Island in Bebrene. Thanks to all the drivers !!!

Thank you for the courses Lis and Niels, who every year with their smiles and good wishes welcome us to the school. Thank you to all participants and teachers for the delicious coffee breaks.

We look forward to next year with good wishes and new ideas. May we all have success and good luck and see each other next summer!

Written by Sandra and Mirdza

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